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Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton

"23 techniques to relieve stress, stop negative spirals, declutter your mind, and focus on the present"

Book Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton
Book "Stop Overthinking" by Nick Trenton

This is a specialized book describing multiple techniques to:

  • stop overthinking

  • de-stress

  • manage time

  • rewire thoughts

  • adjust attitude and regulate emotions

With below 200 pages it is a very fast read and techniques are easily described. The selection of techniques seems to be a good starting ground to dive into the topics.

Examples: 4 A's of Stress Management, Setting Smart Goals, Autogenic Training

That being said, because I'm a very visual person I have to add that I don't like the editing of the book at all. It just appears not complete and could have easily been done better.

The fond is too big for page size and paragraphs are spaced off awkwardly. The huge blank underneath each chapter title is one thing. But why is there a blank page added at the end that only has the page counter in the front and back. Then on another page a table has two more empty rows and due to the large font hardly any full word fits into the columns.

This doesn't hurt the content, but was something that irritated me when reading the book.

Would I recommend this book?

Though I like the selected techniques, I would not recommend this book to friends. It gives a good brief overview of a few tools, but is not worth the $15.

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