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Good Morning, I love you by Shauna Shapiro (PHD)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

"Discover the Transformative Effects of Being Kind to Yourself"

This book was given to me as a gift and it did not disappoint. Shauna drew me right into her story by giving a shocking inside into her teenage years. She was a very active and happy teenager, planning to go to a Volleyball Championship and just got accepted ad Duke.

But from one day to the other her world got turned around, because spine needed to be operated on. Her scoliosis had gotten worse and her spine would other puncture her lungs.

After the surgery she woke up with excruciating pain and wasn't able to move.

The spunky, athletic teenager was gone and instead she now had turned into a meek, frightened little girl. 'Every movement was awkward and painful.' Her mental health took a beat going through this change. But then her father introduced her to the first book about mindfulness and it changed her life.

“Whatever has happened to you, it has already happened. The important question is, how are you going to handle it?”

The book was Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn and was her entry into the world of mindfulness and soon changed her life.

Within her book Shauna shows how learning about the techniques helped her personally to overcome her fate. In her chapters she describes Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness with it's myths and actual benefits, Self-Compassion, and much more. Each chapter end with a little 'Gold Nugget' which summarizes the chapter in a few points. (Very clever!)

As this is not my first book about mindfulness and self-compassion I had heard about some of the facts already. It was still super fascinating to read as she added a few more details.

But what than really got me surprised was the final chapter.

Another stroke of fate in her adult life, got her introduced to the technique that named this book. ►GOOD MORNING, I LOVE YOU◄

She started to wake up and first thing, said “Good Morning, Shauna” to herself. Eventually she felt more comfortable saying and improved this ritual. She then greeted herself with “Good Morning, Shauna. I love you.”.

As Shauna describes it:

‘The practice aims our intention toward cultivating greater love for ourselves and others.

It focuses our attention in the present moment.

And it invites an attitude of kindness and curiosity toward whatever we experience.’

‘It is a simple yet powerful practice that changes lives.’

Would I recommend this book?

Without a doubt, yes. You are right, otherwise I would not list it on my blog. Her story proofs what a difference mindfulness and self-compassion can make in your life. The wisdom combined with practicing tips and Gold Nuggets were very helpful.

You can find Shauna on Instagram: @drshaunashapiro #goodmorningiloveyou

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