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The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You by David Hare

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

'An inspiration to anyone who wants to make fast and forever changes in their lives.' (David Taylor)

Picture of Book The Buddha In Me, The Buddha In You
Book The Buddha In Me, The Buddha In You

This book combines wisdom of ancient Buddhism with powerful techniques like NLP and mindfulness. It's an inspirational guide to how life works, and how to get the most of it.

The second book on my journey was this fascinating find. Though I never grew up practicing any religion, we had classes at school learning about the different religions and Buddhism always fascinated me.

David Hare described wisdoms from Nichiren Buddhism through practical examples, experiences and true stories of other people. He himself also didn't grow up with this religion but slowly got introduced to it through others throughout his life. Nowadays David is an internationally-acclaimed life coach and Nichiren Buddhist.

“In short, I am immeasurable happier, wiser and more grateful than the confused and self-centered man who bumped into Buddhism in 1983.”
"Today, I have much stronger sense of purpose and understand in my heart that life is precious. The soundtrack of my mind is, most days, more upbeat, proactive and optimistic."

It was inspiring to learn about Happiness as a soundtrack of your mind, Karma, the Ten World's of the Mind, Living in the Moment and more. But all of it not through the pure eyes of religion but through the eyes of a life coach bringing in his and other's experiences. This book gave me so much to think about and a lot of incentive to review my own life and mind.

It changed my point of view on a few topics.

Would I recommend this book?

100%, yes! From small life hacks to big fundamental questions. Absolute fascinating!

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