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Not theory, not glamor, but real….🌟

having faith, portrait of Susi

"You got to have faith and believe in yourself!" is easy to say, but sometimes is not simple to do. When we work on projects that are dear to us, but that require patience, it is easy to fall into the pool of doubt.

Am I doing this right? Should I do it differently? Will it ever work out or will it just be a joke in few years to laugh about?

If you work on something that means a lot to you? Don't give up. The way to your success - whatever that may look like to you - may be rough, but worth it. They compare it to the mountain and I like that comparison honestly. Don't look at the mountain top, but at your next steps. Of course you are aiming for the mountain top. But you know what the cool thing is? There is an entire mountain ray. Who knows where our journey will lead us? Yes, we have a current plan about getting up THIS mountain. But plans will change along the way. That is a fact and part of the journey.

The past two weeks were not easy for me mentally. I had huge doubt in my entire project. There are just many pieces of this project and current a lot of new pieces that need to be figured out. Naturally there are hurdles and mistakes. Yes, tackling those means learning something new and personal growth. But that doesn't mean that it comes easy.

If you have doubt in yourself, know that you are never alone. Speak up to a friend, family or me if you want. Maybe even ask for help. We are all in this together. Our journeys may look different. But at the end we are all trying our best to get somewhere. Where? That is your choice.

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