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Hello there,

Picture of Susi and her cat Chloe

My name is Susi and I am born and raised in Germany. All my life I had a favor for English speaking countries and as a teenager always thought I'd move to the UK. But life surprised me with a different opportunity and got me to the United States.

Here I live with my husband and my 2 cats Chloe and Lucy. Especially Chloe can never stay away when I'm practicing yoga. So they both simply became a part of my BU_BeeHappy (BU_BH) journey.


BU_BH is about self-growth, well-being, and positivity. I'm learning about mental and physical health in so many different aspects, and I want to share and learn together with you. The collaboration with and inspiration by others made this journey so exciting as I never know where the next step will lead. Learning new things means widening our horizon.

I’m excited where this will lead me and am delighted to have you be part of the journey.

I always enjoyed photography, cooking& baking, exercising, nature, reading& studying,… And I realized that this journey allows me to combine my passions in a whole new way. It’s inspiring and challenging at once.


While going through a rough patch myself, I had people around me open up more than usual to support and that showed me how important the topic Mental Health, Mobility and Motivation really is. But even though it is super important and such a common topic, it’s usually kept in the dark and not openly talked about.

A few weeks after getting into a car accident February 2021, I personally realized the connection between Mental and Physical Health. While being in a dark place mentally, my body couldn’t heal. Once that really sank in, I decided to get myself out of this hole to be able to live my best life possible. 

In order to do so, I started my journey of learning about general well-being, mental health, self-love through for example mindfulness, realistic optimism, yoga practice…to find my happiness and health again. 

Knowing and hearing of people around me and their stories inspired me to share this journey on Instagram through the account @BU_BeeHappy. This way I can encourage and inspire others while learning and interacting with people on these topics. 

Picture of Susi and her cat Lucy
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