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When was the last time you were in awe of your food?


During my visit to Germany, for sure. The variety of bread, buns, and all those other yummy pastries left me speechless. 😋 No matter where I went, there were so many healthy and flavorful options. From quicker on-the-go choices like whole grain buns with lettuce and smoked fish or Nordic Smørrebrød, to sit-down options featuring local foods or exotic Pho soups. Surprisingly, this time the food varieties were quite international – Scandinavian, Indian, Japanese, and more.


It was clear that the mindset about what to eat is very different there compared to the states. Instead of opting for convenience, fake, and fast choices, the priority of healthy options is much higher. Of course, there is fast food, but overall, it seemed a lot easier to make healthy choices, even on the go while traveling.


Though there were too many great dishes to list here, my favorite was the Japanese place in my hometown. I chose it for my last evening in town and went for a ladies' night out with my mum and aunt. Flower green tea, Kimchi salad, and Pho soup – everything was finger-licking good. When I lived in Florida, I had an amazing Pho place nearby, but now in the Carolinas, I miss it so much.


Fresh soups, especially with freshly added ingredients, are such comfort food that heals the body, mind, and soul. That, coupled with great company, made this evening special. Can't wait to go again!


What is your comfort food?


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