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"Reconnecting with Your Roots: Embracing a Time for Reset"

Coming across so much information, so many inspiring people and accounts, impressions and ideas, it is easy to get off the path. You might start comparing or copying others and lose sight of your original direction.

Lately, something felt off about BeYou_BeeHappy. I'm a person who needs structure. It can be flexible for creativity, but there has to be a plan or logic. Comparing myself to pro accounts, I got obsessed with results and numbers that just didn't show up. I tried to do more for Instagram, FB, X, YouTube, the Blog, the store, and, honestly, I overwhelmed myself. Trying to compete with accounts, that do it as part of their job together with teams, but I lost sight that they do this professionally and with help.

Then even my long-time scheduling partner Planoly let me down, by implementing an upgrade that brought nothing but issues and almost no productive help by customer service. After over two months of patience, I got this answer about my still open tickets and constant bugs in the system "Unfortunately, there are other more pressing issues that our team has had to prioritize which is why this is still not fixed." So, I cancelled my subscription, requested my money back and had to find other options. Dealing with technical issues on top not being able to keep up with my quality and quantity goals, let to deep frustrations. There were so many 'construction sights' in every direction of my journey that I didn't know which way to go and which things to fix first. It totally blocked my sight and creativity. I was in firefighting mode. Which is totally not what this was all about.

Then, a few days back, I spent two awesome weeks at home, and it allowed me some downtime. I didn't think about BeYou_BeeHappy but just spent time with family and friends. Such precious and priceless time.

Stepping away and then picking back up where I left gave me the ability to see clearer. I went back through old posts and it seems that once a year, I need my reset. Back to the basics. Was it time for it again? The same week I watched a live training by Jenna Kutcher about her Pinterest Strategy, and she talked about breaking out of the Instagram routine and overcoming algorithm fatigue. And it hit me: She was right, that's where I was at. I posted because I had to, not because I wanted. I tried to meet the 3 posts per week and the stories and the reels, though I'm not comfortable with reels.

One day later, a post of my good friend Sarah with @shinesheo caught my eye. In the post, it said:

Here are your key reminders: 🌟Your Why and Vision should drive your business in every aspect. [...]

Clearly, I got the sign to wake up. Shake it off. It was time to dial things back. Not quite to where I came from. I learned so much since then. But to the intention and vision. I'm not doing this for the numbers—likes, followers, views, reach. Yes, they are indicators, but that is not what I do this for.

BeYou_BeeHappy is about my journey to more happiness, and along this path, I want to hear & learn from other people and inspire them too.

So what makes me happy?

Cats, Books, Food, Crafting, Photography and learning more and more about Self-Love, Self-Mastery, Mindfulness, and other aspects of Self-Empowerment. (not necessarily in that order)

Therefore, I will bring it back to exactly that.

From now on, you will see more about my cats, the wide variety of books that I read (study and leisure, English and German), more about foods that I find or make, latest crafting ideas and projects that I'm working on and which may make it into the store for the upcoming events that I signed up for with my friend Kristie, photography that I made.... and all of that spiced with what I learn about self-empowerment.

You will see tips and tricks, quotes and affirmation, and I don't want to give up on my monthly podcast '5min closer to happiness', in which I cover a different topic every month.

I'm no expert librarian, chef, crafter, or life coach, and I'm definitely not going to pretend to be one! If you tag along with me, you're joining Susi—a gal who, in her downtime, loves to eat good food, dive into books to learn about different worlds -real or not - or to soak up new knowledge and insights, goofing around and have a good time with friends, playing with her cats, and turning to crafting as her go-to therapy after a crazy day at the office.

Let's continue this journey together, embracing authenticity, joy, and the pursuit of happiness! 💛

Thank you and never forget: YOU ARE AWESOME!

Warmly, Susi

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