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The 2minute Rule

Can I have 2 minutes of your time? 🕰️

If you're not on a break but still reading this, then you're procrastinating, and this tip is just right for you.


Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the number of things I need or want to do without realizing that they may include little tasks, whether at home or at work. To overcome the time-wasting process of procrastination, I just need to start! It sounds so simple and yet can be so hard sometimes. Don't you agree?


But seriously, 5-4-3-2-1-GO! (Like @melrobbins says) Getting my butt up and starting to knock out the 2-minute tasks is so helpful and can be quite motivational to begin your day.


✨a) To kickstart my day at work, I focus on emails and tasks that only take 2 minutes. Once those are completed, I can move on to bigger tasks. But by that time, I already feel accomplished, reduced my inbox, and have a better overview of what's coming my way, allowing me to time-block the rest of the day.


✨b) During the day that I run into a task that can be done faster than adding it to my to-do list, I simply do it. (Unless one is trying to hide from bigger tasks by only doing 2-minute tasks.  That's procrastinating in disguise of productivity. Nice try though! 😉)


I mean, of course, I'm not perfect at it. Progress, not perfection! Are you ready to try it?




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