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5 Minutes Closer to Happiness

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I decided to start a video podcast to show topics around and about Happiness. What does it mean? How do we get there? Which main step did I choose to get closer to personal happiness.

While the answer to the first two questions can fill libraries, the last one is simple in comparison: SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

Therefore my very first episode is about that. A brief description about what self-empowerment is, what it's based on and what those fundaments mean.

The podcast episodes will stay intentionally short. Therefore the name 5 Minutes Closer to Happiness. Maybe it's the German in me to keep it short and to the point. [I'm (halfway) kidding. ] Maybe it's just me not being too comfortable yet with public speaking. Maybe it's just me trying a head start for something bigger. Who knows... 5 minutes sounded doable, comfortable and easy to fit in for listeners.

Depending on how your everyday is like, long podcasts are tough to fit in. I personally can't listen to them during working hours, they are too long for the short drive to and from work, after work I'm trying to be creative and therefore can't always listen to someone else speak,... Therefore I keep starting them, but then don't finish them or finish them days later.

But 5 minutes? Yes, that is always possible.

Long story short [here we go again], here is the link. Let me know what you think, like it, share it, every bit of support helps. Let's spread the Happiness!

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