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Colorful, unique and motivational backgrounds for mobile phone or tablet

Colorful, unique and motivational backgrounds for mobile phone or tablet

Transform your phone or tablet into a source of inspiration. This set of 4 background pictures combines the beauty of original photography by BUBH with empowering motivational quotes, creating a powerful tool to uplift your mood and mindset.

In our bustling modern world, where constant connectivity and daily stressors seem to be the norm, there exists a simple yet profound remedy for the weary soul: nature photography.
The act of gazing upon a image of the natural world has an almost magical ability to calm, soothe, and rejuvenate the mind.
It reminds us to pause and to take a deep breath. This can help us find clarity, inspiration and the release of tension. Yes, this simple reminder can be yours today.

I have been personally using it myself for quite some time  and it's incredible how even a quick glance at it during the day can make a difference.

With this set you'll have 4 different pictures to choose from that are a constant reminder of the world's incredible beauty and the boundless potential that resides within yourself.

You are amazing exactly the way you are and you can achieve anything that you set your heart and mind to! Sometimes we just need a little reminder for it.
  • Additional information

    4 unique motivational tablet or mobile phone or tablet background / screensaver. Original photography by BUBH LLC and design with motivational messages.

    If format does not work for you, contact seller and one free adjustment is included with purchase.


    Digital sales are final.

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